The Meadow

Camp Nelson's Front Yard

The John M. Nelson Conservancy

373 Smith Drive, Camp Nelson, California


Memorial Bricks    


The John M Nelson Conservancy maintains a permanent location for the Public Display of Memorial Bricks. Memorial Bricks are intended to recognize both living and deceased members of the community. Memorial Bricks are displayed near the entrance to the Conservancy meeting building.

Bricks are a baked red clay with a brass inscribed message and name.

The money derived from the purchases of Memorial Bricks help fund the maintenance of the Meadow.


Memorial Bricks can be purchased from:

Frank Schlitz

Brian Cahill

Debora Unser

Jeri Roberts ( )

Ben Ray

Jeff Tienken


The Price is $150 per brick


The Conservancy Office and Meeting Building

Fun in the snow the Camp Nelson Meadow


 The Winter deer herd below Camp Nelson


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